Industry and Art – the Iron Works in Völklingen

The Völklingen Iron Works, a giant monument of 19th century industry, dominating the skyline of Völklingen, is now a World Cultural Heritage Site and a place for major exhibitions. The last exhibition – The Celts. Druids. Princes. Warriors – has just closed, attracting nearly 200.000 visitors.

The Völklingen Iron Works, starting with its first smelter operation in 1883. The works closed in 1986 and are now a museum. Here seen from the railway station.
Section of the exhibition among turbines, generators in the furnace blast hall. 500 years B.C. the Celts worked iron ore at this very place.
Celtic war helmets
A Celtic warrior, having killed his wife (?), committing suicide rather than becoming a captive. Late Roman Art. Second century A.D./CE.
Burial object of a Celtic princess.

Further sections of the plant – blower shed and works locker rooms – were opened up to make use of these generous industrial spaces for contemporary art exhibitions.

Colleen, Anni, Walter (and Leo) exploring the exhibition space.

Change. Street artist Shepard Fairey, *1970 Charleston, South Carolina, USA. Silk screen print. 2008. Shephard Fairey operates his street art project worldwide.
Without title. Os Geméos. *1974 Sao Paulo, Brazil. Spraypaint on Wood. 2008. The works of the Brazilian twins have appeared on numerous walls around the world. Their yellow figures take over entire facades of houses.
Without title. unknown artist.

Art and industry. Two sides of the spirit of mankind. Inspiring each other.

With love
Colleen & Walter
Bremen, Sunday September 4, 2011