Cape autumn light

The autumn light in the Cape has a special, poetic quality. The summer heat has waned, the winter with its storm and rain is yet a distance away. A quietness and stillness warms the heart, soothes the eye and all the senses. The wine has been harvested and the grape juice is gently fermenting in the tanks. Some grapes are left to sweeten further waiting to be married to the noble rot. Time has come of age and wants to show its colour.

Vineyards and forest plantations on the slopes of Simonsberg on Delheim Wine Estate.

Farm dam, Delheim Estate.

Pin oak.

Block of Riesling.


Spatz Sperling – Doyen of the Western Cape Wine Farming industry.

Delheim Estate

Betty’s Bay

With love
Colleen & Walter
Betty’s Bay 9 May 2012