Caperitif – a Cape revival

Ideas are born out of desires to change the world. Not necessarily to improve it, since you cannot really improve it – it runs as it runs – as good as it comes – but to bring something new or the forgotten old into it again. To add style, comfort, chic …


Ideas rise from early morning heaviness of sleep – when night fades out and light of day has not quite come – and are imbued with dreamscape stuff of earth and honeyed dust.

At Kalmoesfontein in the Swartland district of the Western Cape, home of the Badenhorst wine making family and place of the official “Caperitif” launch.

The idea was to resurrect an old product – Caperitif – a Vermouth type aperitif which had been produced at the Cape of Good Hope early in the twentieth century.


The reception. At the Badenhorst’s farm in the Swartland district of the Western Cape.In the middle background Cornelia Badenhorst.


The presentation.
Adi Badenhorst, rebellious winemaker  and Dave Hughes, well-loved, witty, widely respected booze expert.


The address.
Dave giving a jolly if not somewhat quirky historical overview over the Cape drinking landscape.


The proclamation.
Wim Tijmens – profound botanist and irrepressible raconteur.

The product. Instead of the original “Vermoed” now “Kaapse dief” a vermouth with a preponderance of Cape fynbos.
The mixing, with a great splashy indulgence.
There it is – the Cape classic ingredient to a variety of cocktails.


The jolly crowd.

The luncheon.
The setting.
Adi Badenhost  … man with entrepreneurial enthusiasm ….
… Lars Erik Lyndgaard Schmidt who thought it all up and had the vision …
… and someone who couldn’t give a hoot about the fuss.

Thank you, Lars, for inviting us. We thoroughly enjoyed the presentation.

With love as always
Colleen & Walter
Stellenbosch, 08 March 2017


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  1. Dear Walter, I always enjoy your Blogs. I think that your photos are really good! They take us travelling from inside our homes. I value your thoughts and comments too! Jacqui T-Baker

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