Happy days – happy souls

The “Burgerhuis” in Stellenbosch on a Sunday morning.
A happy soul on Sunday morning in the week before Christmas, unexpectedly behind the walls of the “Burgerhuis”, inviting me to join her which I politely declined but accepting the permission to photograph her. She did not appear to be homeless, maybe resting for the night on her way home.
Another happy lot on the same Sunday morning in the grounds of the “Burgerhuis”. They do not have homes but they are burgers nonetheless – are they not?!
Looking for another perspective of the “Kruithuis” (arsenal) I stumbled upon this happy lot with apologies for my trespassing. They happily obliged.

What are happy days?
Days of lightness are happy days.
Lightness of colour in your heart.
Evenweightedness in feel,
of mind and will.

Watching the moon, at dawn, solitary, mid-sky,
I knew myself completely: no part left out. (Shikibu)*

Happy days are days with summer clouds.
Pumpkin days are happy days.
Happy days are knowing you belong.

May your 2016 bring you many happy days of summer clouds and fairy ways.

With love as always
Colleen & Walter
Stellenbosch, Sunday 3 January 2016

*Epiphany. In: Catholic Link. Epiphany of the Lord, 3 January 2016







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  1. Wonderful happy atmosphere – and you captured it beautifully! One has to see it in order to realize how blessed we all are .. by appreciating the small wonderful things in life 🙂

  2. Thank you Walter & .Colleen for Happy Days. Do hope 2016 is filled with only happy days for you.

    Loved the Blog Pauline Todd

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