The Good, the not so Good and the …

One of the walk-ways through the gardens at Babylonstoren in the Drakenstein valley on the slopes of the Simonsberg between Franschhoek and Paarl/Western Cape.












Our wish list for 2015, jotted down and in no particular order, is very short:
Staying in touch with family and friends and
meeting personal challenges with courage and integrity.
What more, really, can one do or wish for.
The debate about global warming will continue to confuse the minds.
The rich will continue to become richer.
The poor will be around as always.
Israel will not give in to Palestinian demands.
The Palestinians will continue trying to turn the tables.
The Middle East conundrum will remain the centre of world affairs.
That’s all for sure.
We might find peace within our selves,
no sooner do we move outside our blinkered world,
it’s a battle field out there.
Blinkered as our world may be, it is the one we have.
Accepting what we have is a good start.
Whining about wrongs is not so good.
Truth is a many sided thing,
whinging the very worst.
The ills of our world are of our own making.
Eventually, yes, there will be justice.
The universe does not forget, neither does it forgive.
Karma, you might cry one day, is a bitch.
It is, after all, what it is.
And, in the end, we all will have to pay for it.
The world is everything that is the case.

Mural in our garden by Colleen.













Wishing all our family and friends a prosperous New Year!

With love
Colleen & Walter
Stellenbosch, Monday, 5 January 2015