A piece of ocean magic near Hout Bay, Cape of Good Hope

For hundreds of years the forests of Hout Bay had supplied the East India trade with timber for the repair of their ships. Today a large fleet of fishing vessels serves the local community.

Travelling from Hout Bay, on your daily run to schools, past Llandudno towards Camps Bay, you are rewarded with magnificent views of sea and mountain. Other treasures are hidden from sight. With a bit of exploring you will discover a little piece of ocean magic.

The boulders – did they once tumble down from the mountain side and came to rest here or has constant wave action left them bare? In the background: Lion’s head from where Capetonians launch their paragliders.
A secret hide-away once for people on the fringe.
As if they were resting for a while, yet full of life, waiting.
Cecilia who shies away from being photographed, with baby Lelethu tucked in on her back.

Our housekeeper, Cecilia with baby Lelethu, another treasure – making our week in Hout Bay, looking after grandchildren, an easy and a joyful task.

With love as always
Colleen & Walter
Hout Bay, Cape of Good Hope,
Wednesday, 12 November 2014