Autumn colours land and sea


Ida’s Valley, Stellenbosch.


Autumn is a very special time for people living in temperate latitudes. It is the time for gathering, reminiscences and awareness of change in light, in colour, mood and being. Autumn says: you have lived and these are the fruits of you labour, your ambitions, your dreams. And what you see and have must carry you through bitterness and cold, through storm and rain lashed days. Winter will test your strength, your will to stay the distance of life itself, your endurance and, ultimately, your faith and your belief in what you think you do is true.



In autumn time stands still for a while. The medium of light and air and warmth – all is just right for nature and you within her to stand still for a while. There are such times in other seasons – the stillness of a summer’s day out in the fields, the stillness of a landscape blanketed with snow – but autumn is special. Spring time is joy and foolishness of heart, the time to rise and walk, of conquering the world. Autumn says: halt for a while and stay and meditate with me before you go. And throws you all its happiness and deeper warmth of thousand hearts and souls in all its colours before it lets you go and be again for now.


False Bay between Rooiels and Gordon’s Bay.


With love as before.
Colleen & Walter
Stellenbosch, May 25, 2014