Back in Dorp Street

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Our tenant, Retha, has moved up the road to premisses more suitable for her and her daughter Rood’s needs and now we are back in our old house in Dorp Street. Retha left the place in an immaculate state but the garden is heavily overgrown and needs careful pruning to let in shafts of light which will be done next week. Being nearer to town, we are looking forward to family and friends visiting us more often.
We have not taken leave of Betty’s Bay, quite the contrary. It will for ever remain our place of refuge and an object of our care and devotion. Now that Dirki and Katie have arrived for their well-deserved break from yachting, it is, however, right to give them space to enjoy their and our little paradise. 


With love from
Colleen & Walter
Stellenbosch, Monday, December 2, 2013

One thought on “Back in Dorp Street”

  1. Looks absolutely charming! Hoop julle sal gelukkig wees terug in julle ou Nessie.


    Aja & Balt

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