What is depression? Depression is the unexpected – a serious deviation from the expected. We expect the economy to continue to perform to our advantage. We expect the weather to fit in with our weekend plans. We expect people to behave rationally and virtuously. We expect to wake up and be well. And all of …


Travelling on the N2 between Botrivier, Caledon, Riviersonderend and Stormsvlei last week Easter Monday, early in the morning. Colleen photographed from the moving car and Walter in postproduction cropped and did some careful adjusting. With love from Colleen & Walter Betty’s Bay, Sunday 14 April, 2013

The red sands of the Kalahari

The sand grains of the Kalahari are covered with red iron oxide giving them their colourful sparkle and particular softness. Walking barefoot over the red dunes leaves your feet untouched and clean. We will return to the red sands of the Kalahari. With love from Colleen & Walter Bettys Bay, Tuesday 9 April 2013