Eastern Food Bazaar, Cape Town

Entertaining the mogul
A festive gathering of nobles at court. Painting decorating a wall in the Easter Food Bazaar, Cape Town.

Cape Town is just a good hour’s drive away from Betty’s Bay and it leads along one of the most attractive routes in the country. The views over False Bay are always inspiring and apart from weekends and holiday peak times the road is surprisingly open. A troop of baboons gathering in the morning sun might slow you down but otherwise it is a sweeping drive making you feel almost airborne.

Coastal Road near Gordon's Bay with the Hottentots Hollands mountains in the background.
Coastal Road near Gordon’s Bay with the Hottentots Holland mountain range in the background.

We were doing a few errands in town and had arranged to meet with friends for lunch at the Eastern Food Bazaar, which had been recommended to us by Adam and Thekla. Eastern Food, tasty and truly affordable – a feeding place for the people. If you want to know more about it and see their menu, click here.

The Easter Food Bazaar in Cape Town, with entrances from both Longmarket and Darling Street.


Samples of the wall display menus.



Friendliness and efficiency combined.


Rich antique decorative elements give the space an air of authenticity.



The street level area. There is an upstairs section as well. – This is genuinely Cape Town – people of all walks of life eat here – workmen, students, backpackers, politicians, shop assistants, professors – the cosmopolitan multitude of true Capetonians.

Rastafarians – part of the multi-facetted clientele.
On our way home passing the Strand beach front promenade.
She –  a Cape angulate tortoise (Chersina angulata) – was attempting to cross the road to the sea front side where a continuous stone wall does not allow further passage. We picked her up and re-directed her to the mountain side from where she had come. She appeared pleased, we thought.

Looking back over False Bay.


We love our Cape Town sojourns and we enjoyed the Eastern Food Bazaar experience. It’s a place for the people, meaning rushed and noisy, queuing at the till points, not a place to have a quiet conversation, but the food is good, the price is right and every one around you appears to be happy and satisfied.

With love as always from
Walter & Colleen
Betty’s Bay, Sunday 27 Jan 2013

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