A nostalgic evening in our Dorp Street home

Our daughter Thekla was invited by Retha, tenant at our Dorp Street home, to cook for a secret dinner of about 35 guests. Secret meaning you as a participant of the 2012 Spier Secret Food and Wine Festival were invited to one of the 16 secret venues and you as one of the 16 hosts only knew about the numbers you might expect. We were called in as family, friends and landlords to lend a hand and to bring an additional touch of nostalgia to the occasion. We gladly obliged to help with the preparations and to welcome a jolly crowd of diners in good old Stellenbosch style and tradition – see what Thekla has written about it in her latest Food Blog.

The Victorian houses in Dorp Street – South Africa’s oldest residential street still in existence – hold secrets of their own: artists’ studios in their attics, libraries and enchanting gardens behind their gabled street frontage.

Pierre Henri Wicomb and Leonora Bredekamp – Jazz Duet of note.

It was a nostalgic night for us thinking of the many meals we shared here with family and friends some of whom we can only invite in our memories – especially Dora Steyn, Paul Cillier and now Wolf Amelung.

We salute you all!
Colleen & Walter
Betty’s Bay, Tuesday 6 November 2012

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  1. Sometimes I wonder about the word ‘coincidentally’ – which is how I happen to stumble upon your blog and this post. Thanks for sharing your ramblings, memories and views. I’ll visit again.

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