A walk by the sea

To think that two thirds of our planet is not land but water. And while the land mass seems so enormous – what about the mass of our oceans? At the Cape the waters are rough if not treacherous. The winds are strong, mounting up to gale force strength at times, never ever though threatening to spill over to devastate the land. The shores, battered for thousands of years, are stable. So, you feel secure walking by the sea, walking in the wild at a safe distance at all times. Yet, many a daring fisherman has been licked off the rocks by a freak wave as if the sea needed to see to it that none ever was made to feel safe.

Walking by the sea makes you feel great and be in awe.
What is it though that holds you there and steady in your talk?
Where there is so much out there to be learned and be considered –
for one that all this sea will take your land one day unhindered.
Have you no fear of this or how and where it all will end?
Fishermen knee-deep you see in surf and sea holding their steady stand.

With love
Walter & Colleen
Betty’s Bay, Thursday 4 October 2012

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