Is there a Blog?

Colleen said the other day: Wasn’t it time you wrote another blog?
My answer: I am blogged out. After 120 blogs I have come to an end.
Colleen: Come on. That’s not true.
Perhaps because those 111 blogs (108 to be exact) are now all printed in hardcover book format,* that I have the feeling of “having come to an end”.
And now?
Is there a blog?

Yes, there is a God, we are told by someone who for most of his life had declared that there was none, which of course is such a simple nonsense as everyone knows. And you do not need not be a philosopher for that kind of truth. However, when it comes to proving the matter, the quarrel begins.

There is a God – whether we accept it, deny it or are indifferent to it – it does not matter or change anything. God is there. And apparently for a good reason.

Such is our handicap in this world, that in all we do, we wish we had, but never really have: the upper hand. O, we have it in so many ways, to flatter our egos, the little God within us, the little demon, I should say. And it can last for quite a while. In the end though we all have to hand over, one way or another.

However, when it comes to religion, things heat up considerably except for Buddhism which does not concern itself with, may we say, futile thoughts. In religion God becomes the main point of a competition as to who has the superior grasp to walk away with the ultimate prize. Yet, there is nothing wrong with any of these points of view. They are what they are: points of view.

If God is neither good nor evil, neither present nor absent, neither within nor without us, neither existent nor non-existent, what is the tug-of-war all about? About being in the right. About having God on one’s own side. It is all about privileges.

While we may safely assume that points of view do not change the nature of God, they may, though – and that might be the ultimate challenge – change our own.

With love
Colleen & Walter
Betty’s Bay, 15 August, 2012