Doors of St. Tropez

Windows are at times referred to as the eyes of a house – what then would doors be – the mouth?

Closed door.

In the throng.


The battered door – having stood the test of time.


The enigmatic door.


Oriental door.

The occupied door.

The dark blue door.

The kicked door.

Door, restored.

Off the beaten track.

The bourgeois gentilhomme door.

Saracen door 1.

More doors?

No. 44 door.

The green door.

The door of hope and promise.

Saracen door 2.

The red door.

The open door.

The garden gate door.

The blue door.

After all, maybe doors are connected to the face.

With love
Colleen & Walter
Betty’s Bay, Friday July 13, 2012

4 thoughts on “Doors of St. Tropez”

  1. I can’t get enough of doors. I love to picture them too. Windows, and even more, doors are the true souls of a huse. Great post.
    Love Dina

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