Approaching the city at dusk

Approaching the city at dusk from Betty’s Bay via the N1 on our way to Bob and Nix in Hout Bay where we will be in loco parentis for a week while they are attending a legal conference in Tokyo.

With love as always
Colleen & Walter
Hout Bay, Sunday 27 May 2012

3 comments on “Approaching the city at dusk

  1. kyle78234 says:

    I really love the sky in the last picture! It’s so colorful and so vibrant! Thanks for posting these pictures 🙂 Good luck with future photos!

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  2. Derrick & Sue says:

    Good luck with your “on duty” week – we are in the same boat as from tomorrow. Keep’s us young hey? Loved the sunset shots. Looked out for Thekla on Sunday but guess she was busy in the galley :-))

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