Paging through our photo library on a cold Cape Sunday morning

The logs are sizzling in the fireplace. It’s a windy, cold, rainy Cape Sunday winter day. Every now and then the sun breaks through the clouds and floods the room. Colleen is working on her painting commission. Paging through our photo library – of the many thousands of images, some appear to have a surprising quality, as if the memory contained in them has settled and is beginning to develop a life of its own.

In Adam and Thekla’s house. Thekla is about to cook. I like her stride and attire,  the colours, the comfortableness of their home. And Colleen’s paintings – the one at the back a master copy of a Matisse.

Mother’s Day last year in Betty’s Bay. Colleen and Thekla.

Two of our three cats at Dorp Street- Luddi with Tigger in front. Tigger came to us a feral kitten, mother probably domestic and the father an African wild cat from the mountains. He was about 10 weeks old when we found him in our lounge, terrified but determined. Trying once to take him to the vet for inoculations turned into quite a spectacle. He became airborne, shooting across the ceiling with arrow-like precision, leaving Walter with bloodied arms and hands. Skittish, but very loving.

Colleen with Pocket Power, a famous South African race horse. She is going to paint him soon.

Master and apprentice. Walter and Luke at a game of chess in Antibes.

Arum lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica). One of Colleen’s favourite painting subjects.

Eastern Free State scene near Clarens.

Medieval bridge across the river Arre and buildings in the village of Le Vigan in the Cévennes/France.

Back to work.
With love
Colleen & Walter
Betty’s Bay, Sunday 20 May 2012

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  1. From the visible concentration on the chess game at hand, I would guess the younger of the 2 players won or was at an advantage when this shot was taken!

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