A walk down Lower Main Road Observatory, Cape Town

We were staying in Adam and Thekla’s lovely house in “Obz” this week and they and Bob and Dominique have not stopped pummeling us with the most wonderful treats all week, all around Colleen’s and Walter’s birthdays.
The weather has been wintery throughout and both Texi and Adamski were a little under the weather with a bout of flu but unremitting in letting us have a ball of a time.
When the clouds parted for a while, Walter took our camera for a walk down to Lower Main Road, Observatory’s main thoroughfare, to pick up some of Obz’s vibe. Here are a few random pics.

Thanks Adam & Thekla, Bob and Nikki for a sublime week.
Like to explore Observatory more sophisticatedly on a sunny day.
With love from
Colleen & Walter
Hout Bay, Saturday 5 May 2012

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  1. Walter; I must reiterate my admiration for your optical aesthetic and photographic methodology, over and above the general pleasure of your unobtrusive company

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