Culinary Photography

Demonstration of food photography at the Photokina 2008 exhibition in Cologne, 25 September 2008 (© Elke Wetzig)

When we cook, we often photograph the result, while it is on or brought to the table. The eye so very often is overwhelmed by the beauty of a successful culinary creation and the photographer wants to capture the moment.
Not shooting for a food publication project, you want to hold the beauty of an arrangement, the colour, the texture, the composition and in all of that its aliveness and the pleasure it conveys to the senses.

A green late summer salad with baby gem lettuce, celery, cucumber, tomatoes, olives, purple figs, quail eggs and goat’s cheese balls.

Thekla recently pointed us to a few food blog sites with amazing culinary photography:
Cannelle et Vanille and Roost – in both cases true artists are at work. Fascinating stuff.

Baby pak choy to be steamed lightly and tossed in butter.
Coeur de boeuf tomato salad with Mozzarella di Bufala Campana on a bed of sweet basil leaves.
It helps to have accecss to a lively fresh produce market such as this one at Tourrettes-sur-Loup in the South of France.
Most versatile and nutritious staple.
An artist’s view – Colleen.

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Betty’s Bay 27 April 2012

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