Walk on the Beach

The weather was just too irresistible not to walk on the beach. And the autumn light seduces the eye. Nothing ever is the same.

Our cottage by the sea – or what you see of it in the “fynbos”.

Dune scape I

Dune scape II

Dune scape III

Dune scape IV

The Beach I

Strandlooper I

Strandlooper II

The Beach II

The Beach III

The Bay I

The Bay II

We do feel privileged to live in this part of the world and are enjoying and appreciating every moment of it. To have, what the human eye perceives and the heart feels, in some way matched by the cunning of the lens remains a challenging sport.

Cheerio for now.
With love as always.

Colleen & Walter
Betty’s Bay, Saturday 21 April 2012

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