Lesotho Impressions

Early evening - homestead below Morija Guest House.
The school bus is just around the corner. Lesotho Evangelical Church School, Morija.
Shining bright faces of the young - eager to see, keen to learn.
On the road to Mafeteng.
Mafeteng traffic control.
Road along the escarpment between Malealea and Morija.
The Maluti mountains - Malealea.
Traditional but modernized Basotho homestead.
The order of importance - breaktime - on the road to Mohaleshoek.
Basotho kraal - Malealea.
Could have been Switzerland.
A man riding on a horse in the mountains on the way to some place, his wife walking behind him carrying their suit-case, was asked: why are you riding on horse-back and your wife is walking behind on foot? He answered: She has no horse.
The ubiquitous sack of mealie meal - or is it cement, maybe, or neither - 2012 and still a significant means of transport.
The road home - what we as young women do.
They are so wonderfully full of expectations and so keen to interact.
You cannot but admire their joyful antics. The school at Thabana Morena.
Crossing the border into South Africa over the the Orange River (Senqu in Sesotho) via Tele Bridge near Quthing - Southern Lesotho.

Lesotho impressions – they all were coloured by accompanying our friends into their missionary past. We let them lead us ahead and in a way stood back and observed rather than explored. Such are then our impressions of Lesotho – a land of utter beauty, a land of poverty, a land of thousands of eager young learners and constant smiles. We loved it and would like to go back to a land where Colleen grew up during an important part of her life and where her family had lived for generations. Many members of the family today, even the young like Séamus and Paul, Patrick, Chicky, Syd and Bunny speak Sesotho as if it was their first language. But all of that is a different story.

With love for now
Colleen & Walter
Betty’s Bay, Thursday 22 March, 2012