Return to Dorp Street

With Dirki and his Katie Jane back in the country for a good long spell, last Monday the opportunity presented itself to have a picnic in the garden of our Dorp Street home which is presently leased to Retha and her little daughter Rood.

Dirki wanted to show Katie Jane around Stellenbosch, his old stamping ground, and we organized an ad hoc picnic with Retha who invited all of us wholeheartedly.
It was a beautiful sunny day, the ponds were sparkling with cool water, Thekla had brought along a newly created veggie dip (see Thekla’s Food Blog – and do

not forget to vote for her!) and a most delicious clafoutis (a tart with fruit, usually cherries, baked in a sweet batter). Colleen had prepared salads – a green one with cherry tomatoes and goats milk feta, a black bean salad and boiled potatoes with aïoli and Retha prepared her favourite cooked beetroot-salad, grated with finely sliced red cabbage, seeds, walnuts and roasted almonds and goat milk cheese.

What had been planned as a little nostalgic trip for Dirki, Katie Jane, Dirki’s friend Christopher and our Anni, Kris and Leo holidaying from Germany, took a surprise turn.

Unbeknown to us, Thekla

had brought their great-grandmother’s 100 year old ring which

Dirki then presented to Katie Jane in our library and our casual summer outing to

Stellenbosch turned into a celebration of their engagement.

How granny Anni from Tipperary and granddad Edward are smiling!

With love from Walter & Colleen
Montagu, Friday February 10, 2012

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  1. How great to read! Many congratulations to you and to the happy couple, all the way from cold London,
    Jaap and Nicholas

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