Sweet-sour pickled cucumbers and a black Mustang

My mother used to prepare sweet-sour cucumbers for my dad who loved them just as much as cucumbers pickled in brine – the latter very much an Eastern European thing where cucumbers grow prolifically and have to be dealt with. Brine pickled cucumbers are a no-no for this climate. You need a cool cellar and salt glazed pots

Traditional earthenware pot with salt glaze.

with a heavy stone on top and time for brine and fruit to bond. Tricky even in a cool climate. Sweet-sour pickled cucumbers instead are easy to make and are a really delicious summer delight.

The good old garden cucumber - with texture and taste.

Dirki is home again, at last and for a while. To soak himself in Betty’s brine! When his mom let him taste one of her sweet-sour pickled cucumbers, he exclaimed: But mom, that is how you used to make them!

A summer buffet's delight.

You see – that is where the black Mustang comes in: the things of old. Things with a certain quality – with an old-fashioned appreciation of goodness. Coming home. Smelling the sea. Feeling the wind in your hair and on your skin. How you remember things and how they were and ought to be. Sweet-sour taste of once. Black Mustang then and now.
Are you not wondering?

Dirki taking Jonjon's Mustang for a spin.

With love
Colleen and Walter
Betty’s Bay
Thursday, 26 January 2012

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