The National Planning Commission (NPC) – The plan for 2030

Submarine S 103 of the S A Navy, one of three, cruising into Hout Bay – expensive little toy for the navy to play with but also providing 126 new, mostly technical jobs.

The Plan

Job creation
Create 11 Million more jobs

Small but useful and immediately implementable: Let all school-leavers do a compulsory year and a second optional year of social service in hospitals, paramedical services and day clinics. At the end of which they will have qualified in basic first aid, basic home nursing and paramedical emergency work and have acquired their driving licenses.
Offering “day worker” jobs in street cleaning, town-gardening, maintenance of public buildings at a basic wage. Road repair work in municipal areas could also be used to provide day work for labourers.  

Labourers in the fishing harbour of Hout Bay. Only two of the seven appeared to be employed, loading ice onto fishing vessels. Hout Bay has an unemployment percentage (according to StatsSA) of 20.8%. It rose from 9.3% (Census 1996) to 20.8% (Census 2001). The areas with the highest percentage unemployment were Imajamokea (43%) and Houtbaai (38.4%). Source:

Education and Training

Re-employ successful retired headmistresses and head-masters on 1 and 2 year contracts at poorly performing schools.
Re-employ any willing and experienced teachers on limited “goal-oriented” contracts, i.e. coaching matriculants, re-organizing the curricula and teaching methods; get effective teachers in Math and Science to come and give specialized modules and workshops to teachers and pupils alike; to tighten-up school management throughout the poorly performing schools; to use their experience to correctly assess pupils in their progress and to identify problems.
Organize workshops for teachers to improve their methods and motivate them.
Start a huge drive at tertiary institutions to inspire good students to become teachers with ideals and to consider teaching as a real career option.
Good salaries for appropriately qualified teachers; monetary incentives for teachers prepared to upgrade their qualifications. This drive must aim at making teaching a respected career.

Learners at a farm school in the Graaff-Reinet district.

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