Summertime – at long last!

What a wonderful weekend we have had, busy but so very enjoyable. Summertime – at long last! Michaelene, Colleen’s goddaughter and her boyfriend Gary, both cerebral palsied, flying in from Jo’burg for their annual holiday with us and Thekla and Adam giving us a midday treat at Casparus.

Strand Beach.

This stretch of beach will soon be inundated with holiday makers from up-country.
A power boat surf riding competition under way.
Some turmoil or turbulence of kinds?
Thekla and Adam giving us a treat at Casparus in Stellenbosch.
Michaelene and Gary in Hermanus. How much joy and happiness these two so severely afflicted people can spread around them, is truly amazing.

Thanks, Tex, thanks Adam for spoiling us so very handsomely. And thanks Michaelene and Gary for sharing your joy with us.

With love as always from
Colleen & Walter
Betty’s Bay, Tuesday 6 Dec 2011

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