West Coast Rock Lobster

It is open season now until December 31 and people are diving for West Coast Rock Lobster, generally referred to as “crayfish”. We also name them cockroaches of the sea – to give us an excuse – kind of vermin whooshing through the kelp beds – and we need not feel too guilty while being part of the destruction of our marine resources. But while they are supposed to be rich in good cholesterol and rich in other brain stimulating nutrients (see http://www.trapperarne.com) the good home-made mayo which should go with it, might not be so good for your system and in the end shorten your life expectancy, thereby ensuring the survival of the species Jasus lalandii.

Here is the recipe for Colleen’s home-made mayonnaise which our good friend Theodorus introduced us to and as we found out our French friends are using as well.

Home-made mayonnaise for about 4-6 people

You need a hand-held blender and a tallish container large enough to accomodate the blender and ingredients. The secret is to be quick with it – seconds only.

1 large egg
2/3 cup oil of choice (neutral flavour)
1/3 cup of good strong tasting virgin olive oil
1 large clove of garlic, sliced
2/3 tsp medium curry powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp strong mustard
1/2 tsp Tabasco

Put the egg, the oil and all ingredients into the tall upright container, put the blender to the bottom, switch on, hold for 3 secs, draw upwards slowly, not longer than 5 secs – et voilà – there is your very own home-made mayo and it tastes just so good!

Cooked crayfish. Colleen's home-made mayo in the background.

We are expecting Freda, her sister Marina and husband John for supper to celebrate a day of friendship and the launch of Freda’s exciting new blog-site:
http://www.freda-friends.co.za – a richly embedded blogsite “For lovers of Cape Food, Wine & Lifestyle. In search of the interesting and the enchanting.”

Congratulation, Freda – you are amazing! Walter is doing his type of staple “Ratatouille” – a veggie pot slowly and briefly cooked in an iron casserole. Nothing like you see in the film “Ratatouille” where the critic swoons over the dish that instantly recalls the days of his boyhood – such a wonderfully charming scene! Anyway – Walter’s dish is equally straight from the heart, or so he thinks. Colleen always gives him the highest praise which makes his heart smile again.
Colleen in the meantime is engaged in a task of challenging proportions: a family portrait for friends in Germany. The size of her canvas does give an impression of the proportions. It will take her the best part of four months to finish – more or less. And she loves this kind of challenge.

The challenge.
Our "Adventskranz" Colleen made for the first of Advent - last Sunday.

Our guests are late. Time to finish the blog.
With love as always!
Colleen & Walter
Betty’s Bay, Friday, 2nd December 2011