Backstage – on stage – she’s got the rhythm

Backstage - the tension rising. Our granddaughter Olivia with Nikki preparing. Sarah and daughter Gaia sharing in the fun on the left.

Backstage at the Kronendaal Primary School in Hout Bay where the Audrey Anderson School of Modern Ballet had its annual presentation – beginners to advanced. The School Hall at Kronendaal was filled with moms and dads, grannys and whoever else had an interest in seeing the girls perform. We were allowed backstage to capture the mood.

The perfection of beauty is part of the dance.
Elements of the dance coming together.
The composition of the dance starts with the finest details.
Becoming sleek and stylized.
Grouping together – standing apart. We know why Degas was enchanted.
The composition. Pas de Deux.
Slipping into the dance. All mind. All set.
Conscious of their prettiness – a little shy – keen to perform. 
The stage. Lights. Curtain. Music. The perfomance.
In full swing.
Precocious talent.
Sugar plum fairies becoming wild swans? Some of them.
She's got rhythm.
Talent - balance - dedication - getting to know yourself.
Dance, disciplined movement, experiencing the joy of music and engaging with the audience.

Dance is to bring about perfection. In movement. In rhythm. In body control. Feel and confidence of self. Working through hours of pain and frustration. In the end there is pleasure and beauty the dancer portrays and the audience perceives. The applause then at the end is what the audience freely gives and the performer graciously receives. Dance then is more than a display. It is communicating yourself to the world. In moments of greatness the magic will be so profound that tears can flow!

Thanks, Nikki, for inviting us; thanks Audrey for letting us happily snap away; thanks to all the talents for not minding the intrusion and thank you, Olivia, for your own very special magic.

With love as always
Colleen & Walter
Betty’s Bay, Wednesday Nov 23, 2011