A magical place, always – the Harold Porter National Botanical Garden

We are happy to be back after a three long months’ journey into Europe and are enjoying the simple things in life again – a long sleep after a night’s deluge, waking up to a cool but bright blue sunny sky, brunch with home-baked bread, champignons fried in butter with garlic and smoked paprika, braised tomatoes topped with herbs from our early summer garden and a drive out to the Botanical Garden to refresh our senses.
Stepping into the Harold Porter National Botanical Garden at any time of any day is always a joy. It is so beautifully and unobtrusively laid out against the mountains that one is hardly aware of the many hands continuously at work to bring nature and culture together to form a harmonious entity. And seeing that our own garden has some elements of this type of naturalness we jokingly treat the Harold Porter National Botanical Garden as an extension of our own. Others surely must have similar sentiments. It is a sign of a well designed garden that you immediately feel at home in it as if you had planned it this way yourself.

Entrance to the Garden.
The deep blue sky of the day reflected in this pond at the entrance to the garden.
You are invited, drawn into the kloof.
Further and further, away ...
and you are held, to view, to ponder ...
the mountains ... are they really blue ... they are, it's really true ...
and other colours to consider ...
so blue the day ... how do the flowers know which dress to wear ... they know, they do ...
And you. Sitting by the brook. Time does stay still at times, does not as always flow away. Sitting by the brook. By and by ... here. Being. Aware.

What very happy day we’ve had.

With love
from Colleen & Walter
Betty’s Bay, Sunday 13 Nov 2011

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  1. In Afrikaans there is the saying “Oos Wes, tuis bes” and reading the blog it seems true enough
    – welcome home!

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