Conspiracy of silence

Hard-core reading. If Jean Genet means anything to you, here is some gender equivalent version.

Colleen went to her book club this morning presenting among others a book she was reticent to introduce because of its sordid content. Yet, she thought and said it was important to take note of a book that is out there, published by a reputable company, about abuse in marriage. And the courage of the writer to come forward and to bare herself utterly without compromise afforded commendation. It is about abuse. And pulls no punches in anyone’s language or understanding. This book is not about right or wrong, it is about the degree and depth and hurt of anger and abuse and obsession in a relationship that began with love and admiration.

Anyway, Colleen is not promoting the book for any reason – it fell into our hands and it is Colleen’s considered opinion that there is a conspiracy among women to remain silent about abusive relationships. Why? One possible answer among many others: because they are cowed by something unspeakable and they are overcome by an imagined share in the guilt and are ashamed.

Much love
Colleen & Walter
Betty’s Bay, Monday June 6, 2011