Quince compote and judgement day

Bay near Kleinmond with Palmiet River mouth lagoon.

Misty days, cool nights but no rain. Rain seems to fail us where and when it is needed most. Storm and rain without end should have started by now. Now, not even a rumble.
We are expecting a yearly, monthly, daily ration of regular occurrences – salaries paid, anniversaries celebrated, meals served and all that – what if? What if we were not to receive what we have come to expect?
What then in return?
Some crackheads expected to be taken up to heaven yesterday.

Though judgement day will come – for some, we hope, sooner, but for all of us eventually – it will in all probability be in ways different from our expectations.

Having had a quiet weekend to ourselves and celebrating Sunday, Colleen decided to do a quince compote with the help of Dr. Oetker “Rote Grütze” which you can find in some Spar shops.

Two wonderfully ripe and rather large quinces bought at the "Blou Bakkie" in Kleinmond ("Good morning, customer!" that is how you are greeted there, if you are known, with a handshake. And the reply will be: "Good day, Mr. Shopkeeper!" With a smile.

Cut the quinces into segments, peel, de-pip, wash, put in a pot, cover with liquid, add some sugar to taste, plus minus one cup  – Colleen used some Chardonnay not good enough to drink – bring it up to boil, take the quince segments out and use the liquid to prepare the compote.
For the preparation of the compote mix the Dr. Oetker “Rote Grütze” with 6 Tsp of cold water then add to the liquid you cooked the quinces in, boil gently for 3 minutes. Put the quinces in a glass bowl, cover carefully with the liquid, chill for at least 3 hours and serve with whipped cream.

“Dr Oetker” can be replaced with your favourite berry juice thickened with sago and maizena.

With love from
Colleen & Walter
Betty’s Bay, Sunday May 22, 2011