A Walk in the Garden

The Garden here is the Botanical Garden in Betty’s Bay – a sister garden to the big one in Kirstenbosch. Whereas Kirstenbosch is splendidly spread out against the inland side of Table Mountain, Betty’s Bay Botanical Garden is beautifully laid out between mountain and sea. The fault lines here seem to run parallel to sea and mountain to create a particular serenity. You view and walk and feel surrounded by much more than what you see. The magic of the place is so much more encompassing. Somehow. Mother’s day was the occasion and while trailing behind I took a few shots I felt did or would convey a little of this truly enchanted garden.

Setting off.

Destination of Waterfall walk.
View into Waterfall Kloof
View into Leopard's Kloof
Orangebreasted Sunbird (Nectarinia violacea, Roberts no. 777) surrounded by Wild Dagga flowers (Leonotis leonurus)
Exit - the sea, where Indian Ocean and Atlantic are merging, in the distance.

With love from
Colleen & Walter
Betty’s Bay, Tuesday May 10, 2011