Boca Budi Sauce – sort of pesto, but different

The view from the Boca Budi Resort in Chile, South America

In Southern Chile where Lake Budi touches the Pacific Coast our Antarctic Traveller Petz experienced a meal with a wonderful sauce which he eventually extracted from the in-keepers of Boca Budi and which he subsequently named “Boca Budi Sauce”. Here is the recipe:

A big cup of delicious (home-made) mayonnaise
A fistful each of coriander and parsley, washed, de-stemmed, squeezed dry and chopped
5 chillies, medium hot, de-seeded
5 cloves of garlic
Mix in a blender until creamy.

Similar to a pesto but with a difference. Goes well with steamed veggies or fish.

Petz – a man of many talents and many interesting stories.

Betty’s Bay, Sat 23 April 2011