“Petz” – the Antarctic Traveller – some of his pics

“Petz” or Prof. emeritus Wolf Arntz – has been staying with us for a week after his return from Antarctica. He generously shared with us his experience, knowledge and thousands of wonderful photographs of which a few are shown below. 
Larsen Ice Shelf, Weddell Sea, Antarctica
"Polarstern" - Germany's Polar Research vessel at the Larsen Ice Shelf
Life boats are tested regularly for their operational readiness - sight seeing time.

Life on the ice …

Leopard Seal - vicious and foul tempered and ready to attack, though it might not be obvious in this pic.
The well-tempered Crabeater Seals.

… on the sea bead …

A colony of Hemichordates, the closest extant phylogenetic relative between the chordates and other invertebrates, in other words, very early relatives of ours – surprised?
Stauromedusae - growing on the sea bed. Normally medusas are swimming freely - these ones have settled on the sea bed.

… and on the ice again …

Neumayer-Station, Germany’s Antarctic Station, Riisser Larsen Ice Shelf in the South Eastern Weddell Sea. On the left the entrance to the under-ice garage.