Joséfa ♦ The Ice Princess II


Joséfa and her companion

The first days came almost rolling in with thunder and rain and then a clearing so bright and deep and blue that everyone commented on the clarity of the skies and the depth and strength of the colour blue and it seemed as if a dome of purest crystal had been built over them. And how the sun shone strongly so early in the year. There was a smell of change in the air. And the ice began to melt.
Day after day Joséfa found herself in continuous dialogue with the young ones of the tribe. None of them had experienced such a dramatic change in their lives. Joséfa shared her feelings with them and said: “Dear ones, the time has come that all things are going to change for us. We will leave this world of ice, snow, glaciers and crystal palaces and we will go South. This time however further than we have ever been before. We will gather what we need on our way along until we have found the place which I know exists. I do not know where and when, but that it exists I know for sure.” And the young ones asked: “What about the old ones of the tribe, will they be able to afford the journey?” To which Joséfa answered: “We all will go. Let us begin now with our preparations.”
No-one needed encouragement. As if called by some long awaited signal, preparations for the long haul South were done within the week and almost feverishly and as if to spur them on, new and bizarre fragrances wafted through the air and waves of birds were seen overhead drifting gently and sounds were heard never heard before as if the world was awakening to something new and people’s hearts were free of fear, free of longings, free of anticipations – just filled with a great joy of undertaking. And so the great trek South began.

With love from Colleen & Walter
Betty’s Bay, Thursday, April 14, 2011

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