The Nemo Tank

Our grandchildren were on holiday and we took them to the Two Oceans Aquarium at Cape Town’s Waterfront. Milling around with lots of other kids at 15h00 we had the good fortune to be at the tank side amphitheater to watch the feeding of rays and sea turtles. Feeding the sea turtles involved a bit of acrobatics on the part of the divers and the application of psychological conditioning apparatuses – to avoid crowding different turtles have over the months been trained to respond to particularly patterned “paddles” – a plain green one for the smaller and a black and white checkered paddle for the big turtles.

Feeding different sea turtles with particularly designed conditioning paddles.

The poisonous Scorpion fish.
Fish are philosophers - in attitude, facial expression, shape of brain - you would not want to slaughter her - would you? Consider him. Watching life in the tank is a lesson in contemplation. What if the oceans were the true space of meditation. Think of dolphins, their synchronized dance in the surf. What kind of lumbering beings are we on the earth's surface - having to invent machines to emulate the effortless glide of fish. Who are we - what are we doing - where are we going?
The nurturing Kelp Forest - giving sustenance and shelter to hundreds of living organisms - a true magical realm.

And finally – the Nemo tank.

Outside - inside - the Nemo Tank. Cuma - Maximilian (Max) - Isaac (Ike)

Within all the milling about of kids and their moms and dads and ourselves as grandparents we had a good time of awe and wonder about a world we know so little about, in fact, are truly ignorant of, we think.

Much love to all, especially Max, Ike and Cuma!
Betty’s Bay, Friday April 8, 2011
Colleen & Walter

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  1. Pragtige fotos! Maak my lus om te gaan kyk. Was nog nooit by die akwarium nie. Will go when we have family visiting from the Free State. Love, Annette

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