Breakfast at Starlings

Walking through to the garden section

Starlings – on Belvedere Road in Claremont, Cape Town – a surprising find in the suburbs, easily missed if you don’t know about it. And knowing about it happens through word of mouth – the best form of advertising! A place for you alone or with one or two dear friends whom you would wish to spoil, for breakfast, brunch or lunch. A typical old Cape Town suburban family home with a good-sized garden with old fruit trees at the back and your down-to-earth type of neighbourhood – a couple of walls knocked out here and there and not a recipe but just knowing what good fair food is all about – what a surprise and what a find!

Sweetest Thekla spoiling us, Colleen and Walter - notice the wickedly knowing smile!

Fried eggs with Parmesan, Pesto at the side and added mushrooms.
The secret of satisfying coffee - the art of roasting! Here it is done!
Veiled, sweet things.
How come simple things can be so good!

Thanks, Thekla, for an eye-opening morning!
Love you lots!
Walter & Colleen
Observatory, Cape Town, 22 Feb, 2011