Zanu – Zuma – Zille – Zachary

The firebrand of nationalization Malema and his comrade-in-arms president Zuma. The article by Helen Zille.

With things moving in Egypt and Yemen, one wonders why things still are not moving in Southern Africa. Zanu-PF (Zimbabwean African Union – Patriotic Front) hooligans were on the rampage again ( – Sunday 13th February). After driving out white farmers and destroying much of the country’s agricultural infrastructure, so-called foreign owned retail businesses are under attack. All the while the country’s mineral resources, especially the diamond mines in Eastern Zimbabwe are looted by the state – not for the benefit of the people but to fatten the coffers of a black oligarchy in the name of Patriotism, the Fatherland – for the fathers only, that is, and not for the land. Long after Africans themselves were already exploiting the riches of Africa – its people –  selling them into slavery, colonialism introduced and extended the sophisticated infrastructure for further exploration and exploitation. Instructed by their teachers in the German Democratic Republic (DDR) and their overlords in the Kremlin, the dragon teeth were sown and when liberation came, the new way forward was easy and clear: stepping into the old boots of the former masters. Raping and pillaging in the name of nationhood and African nationalism. Will the African continent for ever be the home of the downtrodden, subjected to the racism of their own people? Things are, to a good degree different in South Africa – yet, as Helen Zille and others point out, the fight is long not over, let alone won. The camaraderie of comrades-in-arms between Southern African leaders, the old East-block style nomenclature of erstwhile cold war communist ideology does not forebode well for a sophisticated type of leadership. However – the South African situation has always been different. It’s people are tested and have always shown up to be resilient. –

Helen Zille – leader of the opposition, former Mayor of Cape Town, Premier of the Western Cape Province – a formidable, fearless fighter and brilliant mind – feared by her opponents because of her outspokenness – another Helen Suzman of the South African political arena. Photo from Wikipedia.

What a lovely boy – Zachary – the son of Elton John and David Furnish. What a miraculous thing. Carried in the womb of a surrogate mother – “Zachary, I am your surrogate mother! And there are your two fathers!” What do we do with Freudian psychology now?

The two fathers: David Furnish & Elton John with their offspring Zachary.

Children and parents are these days growing up with so many more challenges!

With love from
Colleen & Walter

Betty’s Bay, Sunday 13 February 2011