Fraai Uitzicht (1798) – “Zur schönen Aussicht”

Fraai Uitzicht – “Zur schönen Aussicht” –  view from the restaurant steps towards the village of McGregor

Some five or six years ago we visited this truly heavenly situated farm and restaurant with very dear friends from Berlin. Unfortunately for us, the two Germans who ran the place at the time, were arrogant to the point of rudeness and had we not been invited by our friends, we would have left tout de suite.

“Do you have a vegetarian option?”
“What would it be?”
“What kind of vegetables?”
“You may assume that it will be good, otherwise you wouldn’t be here.”

We seemed to have trodden on this prima donna’s toes and were treated with contempt. In anticipation of a culinary treat we were served a re-heated butternut soup from days before – whether out of spite or in ignorance, we did not have the guts to enquire. Every time we passed the signboard to Fraai Uitzicht on the road to Montagu, between Robertson and Ashton, we regretted the incident because we love the place, yet were hindered by our past experience. Recently we heard it praised by friends and that it was under new management. When last staying in Montagu, we decided to visit again and were pleasantly surprised by all the changes. Karl-Uwe and Sandra have done a magnificent job and are lovely caring hosts and the food is outstanding.

Karl-Uwe, host and modest winemaker himself
Made on the farm in small quantities and available at the restaurant
Sandra (foreground) with her jolly, competent crew
View from our table
Food, wine and travel writer Samarie Smith at the table across - photographed by permission
Our guest and dear friend - Tossie, dancer and writer

A friend sends us the following news item from Germany:

Übrigens steht Freiburg – das Erzbistum – an der Speerspitze einer kleinen Revolution: 144 Theologen, darunter Freiburger, haben einen Brief an den Vatikan unterzeichnet, der das Zölibat abzuschaffen verlangt, die Gleichberechtigung gleichgeschlechtlicher Lebensgemeinschaften und Frauen in kirchlichen Ämtern.”

144 Theologians have signed a manifesto urging the Vatican to abandon statutory celibacy for priests, allowing priests to enter into hetero- or same sex unions and to allow women into clerical positions.

Imaging the Pope and her husband waving from the balcony above St. Peter’s.

Schöne Aussichten – fraai uitzichte.

Betty’s Bay, Sunday 6 February, 2011
With love
Colleen & Walter