The Colour Blue

The colour blue has the power to evoke emotions of serenity and transparent happiness. The colour of a cloudless sky, the depth of the universe, the sea below all of a deeply satisfying blue. Disappointingly, the colour of the universe is called cosmic latte, cappuccino cosmico or big bang buff by some experts – euphemistically no doubt, one should rather suspect it to be a bit of a turbid soup out there, really.

The colour Blue on earth, in flowers, on flags, in pottery conveys a particular mystique and a strong symbolism: in the French flag it stands for liberté; in Germany, for writers of the romantic period the blue flower (die blaue Blume) refers to desire, love and the metaphysical that one can never reach but will always pursue.

Therein lies the liberating power of the colour blue, where it makes us aware of our heavenly nature and where we are responding to it.

With love from
Colleen & Walter
Betty’s Bay, 3 February, 2011