When the world was formed, when the universe was created, out of no-thing or out of chaos, Lithium was there. A soft silver-white metal belonging to the alkali metal group of chemical elements. One of the three elements synthesized in the Big Bang. And that is the stuff that resides in us and that connects us to the beginning of the world. Soft and silvery. Star matter for one thing. Matter of Big Bang explosivity as another. Too little of it and you go bang , too much of it and you bang and die. The balance.

Exploring, expecting - Colleen with Sandra & Luc's Timycha

Enjoying the beach and watching the tide coming in, surging and retreating, keeping a balance in its movements while approaching an apex – I am reminded of the tides in our lives and their movements and their balance. The tides in our civilizations’ values moving from fundamental to liberal, from excessiveness to restrictedness. Where is Lithium there? All Afghanistan needs, the late Richard Holbrooke, Obama’s special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan once said, is cold storage – sounds cool and metally – what he meant though at the time was a commitment to sensible agriculture. One way of healing a country’s sickness. Things do seem out of balance.

On the beach. Observing the swells, reaffirming one’s rhythm, responding to the challenges of balance.

"Regarde, Walter!"

Betty’s Bay, Monday 31 January 2011

With love

Walter & Colleen