Pope Benedict’s greetings – Grüße vom Papst

There is a catholic church in Montagu with a very lively congregation, as we found out this morning. And to our delight, the new bishop of Oudtshoorn, His Grace Father Francesco de Gouveia, conducted the mass. He had been to Rome recently to be addressed with other new bishops by Pope Benedict who had given to each of them a message of greetings to each and every congregations in their diocese – and there we were, greeted by the Pope personally though by proxy. A strong catholic community this is, judged by the strength of their combined a capella voices. An enjoyable and emotionally touching event. –

During mass a thought came to mind: that what is in our universe around us enters our body and minds and is processed there in all our individual ways to take on an expression of our selves and enters the world around us in that form to be taken up again by others …. an esoteric thought perhaps.

We are enjoying our time in Montagu and might be staying for another few days before returning to Betty’s Bay where we want to spend a little time with Dirki and Katie.

Colleen has filled the bird feeding bottle and a multitude of sugar birds are cajoling around it and are having a ball. Tried to photograph it, without much success though. For bird photography to stun, special equipment is needed.

In competition with a cheeky Cape White eye.

With love from Colleen & Walter

Montagu/Western Cape, Sunday 16 January 2011