Kite surfers

We had been to see Glenda, Jason, Tyla and Cailyn’s new home at Atlantic Beach Golf Estate west of Cape Town – an upmarket new housing and golfing estate planned to fit esthetically and environmentally soundly into the sensitive West Coast dune vegetation. Living relatively near to a major city and yet breathing fresh sea air and being within earshot of the ocean with its outstretched lonely beaches.



On our way home along the seaboard the sky was filled with colourful surfing kites. We stopped and photographed the scene. The result, however, was disappointing. One pic I thought had a bit of potential. During manipulation it began to look like a painting. I will show you the process. At first the insignificant looking pic which in no way represents what the eye could see and the skin could feel:

The picture size setting was at 12,2 MB which should provide some crop definition:

Further cropping and manipulations resulted in:

Now, if you enlarge the pic a couple of steps you will see the impressionist effect come into view more strikingly. What do you think?

Here are a few more conventional shots and crops.:

A lovely outing. Thanks Glenda, thanks Jason.

Walter & Colleen, 20 Dec 2010