Cerebrally Palsied

The wind is hassling us with speeds of 40 to 45 kms/h drying the soil out; the plants are stressing. So are the humans. The air is charged and tempers flare up in a moment, but also die down just as easily

Michaelene and Gary, our cerebrally palsied niece and her boyfriend were stuck on the airport access road in Johannesburg for hours yesterday and missed their flight to Cape Town.

Michaelene in Hout Bay

It is not difficult to realize the depth and extent of the emotional devastation if things turn belly up for them. As if you were on the high seas and your boat capzises and you are about to drown. That is their life. Their life being a disaster, always being on the brink of disaster. And all the joy being with them comes from the happiness they experience and are sharing with you when things roll on okay.

Being with the two is alway such fun. You realize how privileged we all are with our brain and hands and arms intact and how often we forget to enjoy the fulfillment of small tasks like opening a bottle of coke or taking a photograph with a point and shoot camera. Gary does that with such dedication, delicacy and slow moving precision and to watch him in that slow motion brings about a realization of what we all miss in our fast moving ways.

Gary in Hout Bay

They are safe now in our hands in Bob and Nikki’s house in Hout Bay.-

So much for now with love

Walter & Colleen